payments, secure and simple
Thanks to My-Money and its partners, you will be able to pay at points of sale simply by reaching out a finger. Experience the easiest and safest way to pay in the world: biometric payment systems are the safest ones on the global market today.
The bank account that 
frees you
My-Money is a new payment system, completely device-free, and functioning only on your biometrics. My-Money gives you complete freedom from the use of intermediary objects: no more cards, phones, cash. You can pay wherever you are, just by reaching out a finger. Experience the euphoria of complete freedom. My-Money is the bank account that frees you.

Payments by contactless credit card?

It takes  
1 second 
to clone it

Payments by traditional credit card?

It takes 
6 seconds 
to clone it

Payments by mobile device?

Every year 
of mobile devices are stolen

Fraud around the world

Critical issues plague current payment system, the biggest problem being in terms of security.
In 2019 fraudulent attacks cost the global economy 29 billion dollars, according to the Digital Defense Report released by Microsoft in 2020.
4% of mobile phones are stolen globally every year.
It takes only 6 seconds to clone a traditional credit card, and just one second to clone a contactless one.

Do you have an 
underage child?

You can activate a sub-account for your minor child and set parameters and thresholds in real-time.
Your child’s fingerprint will be matched to the sub-account, so that they can safely pay, according to the limits you set.

a single bank account 
for all your needs

Connect all your bank accounts and register all your cards, from this moment on with My-Money you can set spending limits and type of purchase, and diversify them, according to the method you want to use.
Add company cards and personal cards, and decide in advance how to pay.

the green 
bank of the future
My-Money is the bank of the future. With My-Money you will no longer have to worry about having a charged phone or your cards with you, this will allow you to respect the enviroment, to consume less energy and not to increase the amount of plastic to be disposed of. Discover all of My-Money¬†features, you won’t be able to resist falling in love with us.
Expenses organized 
Set your thresholds, divide expenses by category and payment metod, set the parameters of your children’s pocket money, view each charge in real time. Send money to anyone you want, pay on the internet. Buy your train, subway, concert ticket, and simply enter reaching your finger out, without having to have anything else, not even your ID. My-Money enables you to have your whole world on your finger.

Try the service now

It’s easy, download the app and register, then connect your payment methods, set your parameters and register your fingerprint securely. Now you will be free to go out and pay with a simple gesture, no longer needing to have anything with you.

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